The Deadpool movie’s out in theatres now so you KNOW Marvel is pushing the Merc With A Mouth into your monthly comics.

They’ve done a fair bit with Deadpool recently to gear up for the new film. He’s an Uncanny Avenger. He’s got his own team with the Mercs for Money. He’s outshined Wolverine (R.I.P.) as the guest-star king. He’s got more variant covers than you can shake a katana at. He’s even got a string of reprints titled “True Believers” that gives us a veritable Greatest Hits. And those start with his first appearance in NEW MUTANTS #98 until as recent a story as his wedding to Shiklah, Queen of the Underworld in DEADPOOL v4 #27.

But this week, we get a two heaping helpings of Wade Wilson in DEADPOOL v5 #7 – THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE and SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #2. Let’s jump right in!

dp2501The main story of DEADPOOL #27, by longtime team of Gerry Dugan and Scott Koblish, continues the ongoing story of Deadpool teaming up with his crew, the Mercs for Money. They’re a D-List half-dirty dozen handpicked haberdashery of characters working for Deadpool as a less-savory Heroes for Hire. The team is comprised of Terror, Slapstick, Foolkiller, Masacre, Solo, and Stingray– and if you don’t know those names, better flip open your Official Handbooks kids! Except Masacre. You probably won’t find him in there.

Foolkiller is talking Deadpool through a bit of a crisis, where our hero has trouble remembering details of his past, but not his grudges. And Deadpool’s out to literally bury some of those that have wronged him, even a little bit. Iron Fist. Hand Ninjas. His wife. Some guy that ruined Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. And Sabretooth, who called him a Slade ripoff and more seriously may have influenced Wade to kill his own parents.


It’s a solidly hilarious montage of DP kicking butt all over the place, as we’ve seen this creative team deliver time and time again. But that’s not all! There’s side stories featuring the rest of the Mercs for Money! That’s right– another anthology book! Who knew?!

Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook have a heart-wrenching story that gives real insight into Terror. Tim Seeley and Mike Norton show us a day in the life of under-appreciated Avenger Stingray. Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, and Danilo Bayruth pit Slapstick up against true love… and Taskmaster! Mike Hawthorne and Terry Pallot show us the origin of Masacre. Amy Chu and Emilio Laiso have Foolkiller get his college career in gear. And Duggan himself returns with Phil Noto to have Deadpool and Solo try to bust each others’ heads.

All the stories tie into each member’s recruitment into the Mercs for Money, which we’ve only seen glimpses of prior to this little anthology. It’s a great read in eighty-two pages.

The real gem this week is SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #2, which is a comic sixteen years in the making. No, seriously, they even say it on the recap page. This comic is written by Joe Kelly, drawn by Ed McGuinness, and inked by Mark Morales. It’s an A-List team, no doubt. Together, Kelly and McGuinness brought Deadpool to the solo-run spotlight in 1997 with DEADPOOL v3 #1. And Mark Morales? Sure, he may not have worked on that original Deadpool volume, but he’s embellished most of Marvel’s event comics over the past decade and made superstar pencillers really shine.


I planned on reviewing the entire miniseries in one shot once it finished, letting thousands of gushing words kinda thwip and kabang all over the place, but I couldn’t wait to talk about this issue. The series really pulls at the nostalgia big time, even though it’s firmly rooted in the modern Marvel Universe with a wholly original plot. From the way Deadpool talks, to how he emotes from his face and his whole body, it feels like I’m a 7 year old reading Deadpool go nuts and kick ass. And it’s a great feeling.

Wade continues to hem and haw about killing Peter Parker, who now has made a big name for himself in the scientific world though his company Parker Industries. The idea of murdering an innocent man, let alone manipulated by money into doing so, is a very serious moral quandry for Deadpool and something he wrestled with in his darkest moments under Kelly’s pen many years ago. Obviously, where Peter Parker’s affairs are concerned, the Amazing Spider-Man is not too far behind. The Web-Slinger incidentally happens to be Wade’s favorite hero, and through misadventures the Merc With A Mouth hopes to get a little super guidance. Cue crossover.

Here, something fishy’s going on in the depths of Parker Industries in a plot that blenderizes so many crazy things into one fun tale. Two Spider-Men– one that’s Ultimate and definitely not a clone! Techno-hallucinatory Green Goblins! The old Spider-Mobile is reborn as the Dead-Buggy! Vehicular-almost-super-villaincide! Everything is laugh-out-loud hilarious up until the end, when Deadpool find a secret lab at Parker Industries running twisted human experiments.  And he serves up some seriously sinister-looking justice to those scientists.


I seriously missed this side of Wade. Awesome. So yeah! Dive into the ‘Pool this week! There’s no better time to be a fan and this week alone it’s two great tastes to whet your appetite for more Merc With A Mouth until Sunday.

Until then… wanna check out more by these creators? Okay.

GERRY DUGGAN writes Deadpool in like a dozen titles and one-shots. You should check that out in UNCANNY AVENGERS, HAWKEYE VS DEADPOOL, and even MRS. DEADPOOL AND THE HOWLING COMMANDOS. He also writes NOVA. And CHEWBACCA. And THE INFINITE HORIZON he did with Phil Noto.

SCOTT KOBLISH has drawn X-MEN ’92 and has pinch-hit for other artists in dozens of titles all over the board! He did absolutely kill some decade-themed DEADPOOL v4 stories before this though.

JOE KELLY has written loads of wonderful things! Most pertinently there’s a bunch of Brand New Day AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. The favorite of everybody on our very own Podcast is I KILL GIANTS. I personally loved a miniseries he did with SPACE GHOST a long time ago. And he might be best known for long stints on ACTION COMICS and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Also he made BEN 10. And that’s great.

ED MCGUINNESS draws some of the biggest brawliest bombastic dudes in comics. Like the HULK! He’s also drawn a ton of SUPERMAN, in his own title and SUPERMAN-BATMAN. He also did FALLEN SON: CAPTAIN AMERICA, which was funeral-riffic.

MARK MORALES has inking credits in big-time event titles like SECRET INVASION, SIEGE, FEAR ITSELF, AVENGERS VS X-MEN, and INFINITY. Seriously, this guy is the best.

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