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So SM is rumored to have been given 90 million dollars by a Chinese company called Alibaba. SM has denied the rumors but I’m not convinced. Their stocks have gone down since Kris, Jessica, Luhan, ect… have left. SM could be really hurting moneywise so maybe this investment was to help them? Maybe more Chinese k-pop singers will be in the business then? SUSPICIOUS!

sm alibaba

Speaking of SM… Luhan had court mediation for his contract nullification with SM Entertainment. According to the court it was decided on October 10 that the Chinese singer’s lawsuit claiming the lack of validity of his exclusive contract with the record label will be brought to a court-referred mediation. This means that Luhan and SM will have to compromise to reach a resolution through a settlement. The former EXO member claimed that the record label discriminated against him and other members of EXO-M by giving more opportunities to the other sub-group EXO-K, which all members are Korean. Luhan said, “SM treated EXO-K, filled with Korean members, differently from how they treated the EXO-M members with Chinese members. From the beginning of our debut, EXO-K received support from SM and actively did promotions, but EXO-M had no promotions, received no financial backing, and endured a difficult time.”


SM Entertainment released a statement, which reads, “Just as in the case with Kris, Luhan filed for a lawsuit with the same law firm in the same way without reason makes us think that after gaining popularity with the group, he is now prioritizing his own personal benefit with disregard for those affected by the termination of his contract.” If Luhan and SM is unable to agree, both parties will have to enter the courtroom to see whether the artist’s contract may be terminated or not. Former EXO member, Kris, who left the group in May, entered mediation with SM Entertainment but the two parties did not come to a mutual resolution. So it’s interesting to see what happens to Luhan, especially since it’s the same law firm.

In other news TOP media filed a lawsuit against four netizens who were responsible for spreading rumors claiming that the group was involved in sajaegi (a method used for chart manipulation).  Police rep revealed to Osen that the lawsuit had been filed last month on October 2 citing defamation against 4 individuals.

TOP Media confirmed to Star News recently, “We filed a lawsuit against 4 individuals who spread false rumors about album sajaegi when ‘TEEN TOP 20’S LOVE ONE EXITO‘ was released in September for defamation of character.

teen top

Speaking of hate… Seungri has been suffering from some haters lately. Seungri wore a police costume on his instagram and he was getting hate for it, so he took it down almost immediately after upload. Since Seungri’s brush with the law, meaning his car accident, it seems hypocritical of him wearing a cop suit no? He seemed to get off pretty easy considering he caused a car wreck, and then he was wearing a cop uniform on instagram. I get it does seem hypocritical, and I’m mad Seungri got off with a slap on the wrist… But stop hating guys! I’m just glad he’s recovering, he was in rough shape before! It might be a light joke that he’ll be on his best behavior! Seungri oppa we love you and we’re glad you joined the X tour with the rest of Big Bang in Japan! Oppa fighting!

seungri cop


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