When it was announced earlier this year that Bill Hader would be providing the voice for Alpha 5 I thought it was cool. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was excited or extremely happy, but I wasn’t complaining either. The Power Rangers trailer also got me on board a little by showing us a darker Power Rangers story. I was on board for most of it…until I saw the concept art for Alpha 5 which you see above.

The look of Alpha 5 fits in with the Power Ranger suit redesign which seems to be a mix machine and organism but I still don’t like it. The design does have a few nods to the original Alpha 5 look from the TV series like the saucer shaped head and color scheme but what is up with the bug eyes?

Power Ranger suit redesign we saw earlier this year.

New Alpha 5 vs Old Alpha 5

This is still the concept art however so the final design may change, but we have yet to see what Zordon, or The Zords look like. We have an idea of how The Mega Zord looks because of a photograph of the action figure, but still no idea of what the final giant monster will look like.

Photo of the Mega Zord action figure leaked earlier this year.

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As always this is David The Bearded Menace Valle saying be easy, and stay frosty out there.

Source: IGN


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