Yup…. Apparently people haven’t learned to drive safely in the k-pop world… SMH!

So there was an alcohol related car accident recently in South Korea. What sets it apart was a woman in the car with the man resembles a korean idol. I’ll sum it up here:

The incident occurred on March 21, when a 200 million won (approx. $180,000 USD) Audi R8 crashed into a taxi, pushed it forward, and started a chain reaction of rear-end collisions in the Gangnam District of Seoul. A total of five cars got involved in the accident and 10 people were injured. The driver of the Audi R8 is identified as 30-year-old Yeon. Police found that he had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.106% (the limit for legally driving in South Korea is a BAC of 0.05%). According to reports, Yeon hurled insults at the police while being investigated. Yeon was not alone in his car, however. Witnesses claimed that the intoxicated woman sitting in his passenger’s seat was a famous girl group member. At the 0:55 mark in the clip above, although the passengers face is blurred, she can be heard saying, “To my friend, I…,” before covering her face. The XXX member got her forehead and elbow scratched so she went to the hospital. Her agency will probably try to evade the issue. It’s obvious because her identity isn’t being revealed and she lowers her head when pictures are being taken.” The police confirmed that they were not releasing the name of the passenger to neither the public nor the victims. Meanwhile, Yeon apparently told the police, “[The passenger] is my girlfriend; you can’t reveal her name. Her name has the letter ‘J’ in it.”

So based on the video clip and the “letter J” thing… Netizens have speculated the woman passenger was Jiwon of SPICA. Jiwon has spoken out to the media and said she wasn’t involved in the car accident. The person looks like her for sure, but isn’t here, and she thanks netizens for being worried for her safety. Isn’t that sweet of her to say? I’m glad she’s okay.


I’m hoping this woman is one of the k-pop look alikes that are prominent in South Korea. There are many of them. Nowadays plastic surgery is so common in south Korea. Many girls get double eyelid surgery or altercations to their face by the end of senior year in high school! Anyway, JIWON UNNIE FIGHTING!

And remember, no hickies!

xoxo, elise

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