Sorry about my hiatus fellow kpop people. I’m going to be writing a few articles to hopefully make up for my absense. LET’S GET STARTED…

So I’m not paying attention to k-pop for a week, or two… and then this happens… WHAT?! I didn’t even know that Suzy and Lee Minho even knew each other until today. They confirmed on march 23rd that they were dating by their respective agencies, JYP and Starhaus. They have apparently been dating for a month already. And on a related note, JYP has dropped in value by stockholders since this occurred… Just because their dating, really? She’s not the entire company you know, not to mention she’s in a female idol GROUP… But apparently the socks are going back up again, so that’s okay?

I could potentially see why stock holders would withdraw, to a degree… This relationship is a bit scandalous. Suzy is 20 and Lee Minho is 27. A seven year age gap is quite large, and Suzy is just barely legal at this point. It may not even last; Though Suzy is mature for her age, she is young for someone who’s almost thirty. Yeah that’s pretty speculative and all, but how does this affect stocks? Stock holders don’t like scandals, and this is seen as a scandal for some reason in Korean media. Any stars that date tend to have this happen to them. I think it’s more of a potential scandal than a scandal, because it literally just happened and the couple is new. But, stock holders withdraw due to the fear something may get out of hand. For example, what if the two had a nasty breakup? It could mean fan wars and saesang fan boys/ fan girls tearing down JYP/ Starhaus’s doors! Financial backers don’t want to back someone who’s prone to having such scandals occur. Though seeing how positive the feedback was on Suzy’s instagram and other SNS, they don’t seem as worried. The stock is slowly climbing back up. As long as they’re both respectful to one another (Lee Minho and Suzy), and as long as fans don’t bother them too much, it shouldn’t be a problem right? Although a lot of Suzy fan boys will be sad… WHICH REMINDS ME!

There was a trending worldwide hashtag #staystrongyoungjae on twitter, and instagram since this news broke. Anyone who is an IGOT7 or a JYP-stan would know Youngjae of GOT7 is a Suzy fan boy. They also work together at JYP and are friendly towards one another. If I remember correctly, they were trainees together at one point. Though everyone is supportive of Hozy (temporary ship name I made up, patent pending!), people are saying this since Youngjae had a crush on her. The IGOT7’s have good humor for their biases huh? Youngjae deleted his instagram in September so he he probably wouldn’t see some of these hashtags. I hope he checks his twitter then, LOL. He’s probably laughing at this, knowing him.

Though I always kind of shipped Lee Minho with Park Shin Hye, and Suzy with Youngjae… I still support them. HOZY FIGHTING~! I wonder if Lee Minho calls Suzy his bae? … Ok that was terrible… I’M DONE!

And remember, no hickies!

xoxo, Elise

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