That’s right folks, I choked on my Ichiraku ramen too.

Masashi Kishimoto has announced that we are getting a live action adaptation of the number one knuckle-headed ninja Naruto!

Naruto 2

The details are limited at best, but here is what we know:

Lionsgate is heading development, it will be produced by Arad Productions and it is announced to be directed by Michael Gracey with the help of Kishimoto himself.

Naruto 4

Here is what we all want to know:

Who is going to be cast!? How close is this going to follow the manga? Will they fit 700+ manga chapters into this film? Will this film have 45 minutes of bullshit filler?

Naruto 3

There is so much more to be announced with this project. For now, we will just pray to the previous Hokage that we don’t get another Dragon Ball Evolution.