As the November 4th release date for Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” approaches, the final casting announcements are on the way. To be perfectly confusing, Benedict Wong will be partners in crime Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme’s manservant and close friend… Wong! Benedict Wong is fresh off of Ridley Scott’s award winning Comedy/Musical Sci-Fi film “The Martian.” He played Bruce Ng, a Laboratory Director working to rescue the stranded astronaut. (Check out our Podcast for “The Martian” here!)

Wong and Stephen Strange have been a duo since day one. Both had their first appearance in Strange Tales #110 back in 1963 and have been a team ever since. In the comics, Wong was brought before the Ancient One at a young age and trained in martial arts prior to being sent to aid Strange. Though his studies as a manservant were lacking, his skills as a fighter have been invaluable. Doctor Strange may be the Sorcerer Supreme in magic, but Wong is both his protector and teacher when it comes to physical combat.  

After Wong’s great performance in “The Martian,” I look forward to seeing how him and Cumberbatch portray their dynamic in the upcoming film. What do you all think of the casting?
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Amber Sbriglio

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Amber Sbriglio