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This article is all about Big Bang. Their comeback, and two stories centering around Taeyang… I’ll start with the comeback story!

So Big Bang confirmed officially they are coming back this year! Finally, after 3 years, as a group! Taeyang hinted this in the dome tour Big bang had. Then G-Dragon even said it. He said “We’ll come back when you least expect it”. Big bang had a group picture of themselves on instagram saying that they were back. There was another photo that Dara took of them and she said she loved Big bang. Also, it’s been confirmed a few artists are in recording as of this month at YG. And one of them is Big Bang! So be on the look out for teasers or releases. As a VIP it has been painful to wait 3 whole years for a group comeback. Seeing how in the past years they had songs out 2 or 3 times a year didn’t help, Anyway Big Bang fighting!

The next big Bang discussion is one of the two stories centering around Taeyang! They are dating rumors! If you remember, in his music video for 1am he had a girl in his video. There was romance, and even a steamy-ish bed kissing scene! Well, since that video Taeyang has had dating rumors centering on that girl. The girl is Min Hyo Rin, she’s an actress. Some fans have seen them together many times. Some have speculated that they’ve seen them on dates. These have kept occurring, hence the speculation. The one that really topped the sundae with a cherry was a double date.  It had Kiko Mizuhara and G-dragon, along with Taeyang and Hyo Min. There was an instagram picture of Hyo Min and Kiko sitting next to one another! So what do you guys think? I think this confirms 2 relationships. Though both sides have denied they were dating, but come on now… I SHIP IT, THE SHIP HAS SAILED!

Alright now for the last Big bang related story. It concerns a guy named Derek Bullock, and Taeyang. Bullock had a song called “change me” on his youtube channel and itunes. It’s claimed to have released the track last august. Bullock claims he wrote the song four years ago, and that Taeyang stole it. K-pop fans have speculated since the track was released in august that it was very similar to Taeyang’s eyes nose lips instrumental. Recently he was calling out big Bang on twitter and YG entertainment for stealing his song. He didn’t mention Taeyang by name at first but then he figured out his name. If you listen to the video, it sounds like he’s singing over Taeyang’s track but it’s horribly auto-tuned. YG finally took action and got Bullock’s videos and itunes links taken down. And now as of week or so ago, Bullock admitted he plagiarized Taeyang’s song! More is to come in court but it’s pretty obvious! The k-pop community hates Derek Bullock so much, he messed with the wrong community! His singing sucks anyway!


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