Blizzard Entertainment ignited a new level of competitive play in the gaming arena May 24th 2016 with the release of the now beloved phenomenon known as Overwatch. Originally considered to be the direct competitor to Battleborn, Overwatch has proven to be the king of Hero Shooters. Quick matches, ultra competitive game play, beautiful cinematic narratives, and unique character design has made this game a fan favorite. The popularity has allowed Blizzard to roll out their next step for Overwatch called Overwatch League. 

Blizzard plans to create a professional Esports ecosystem in which all players and fans of Overwatch can come together and play in a large intercontinental gaming league. Players from all over the world will join up and face off against other teams and players in there home towns and cities to become part of a team in the region. The best players of each region will be chosen for that regions team, then compete against other teams for the top spot. Sound a bit confusing? Check out Blizzards explanation video below.

Basically if you live in New York City, you would play for a New York team in the league, if you live in L.A. you would play for California, so on and so forth.


News like this does make me want to play Overwatch again and try my hand at joining a league. I am no where near that good to join, but hey you never know. The one question I have is, will this be only for PC or will it be for console as well? The video above says the tournaments will be LAN events but again just PC? Does the team have to be local or can you play with your buddies online? We will keep a close eye on Blizzard in order to get more facts as they roll out.

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Source: Overwatch League


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