Just when you thought you couldn’t be more disappointed with the news that Disney Infinity will no longer be creating any more new figures, games or power discs, this comes along.  It was recently leaked that there were plans to create Doctor Strange AND Spider-Gwen figures for the third installment of Disney Infinity.


The addition of The Sorcerer Supreme himself is not surprising at all as his new movie is set to phase into this realm of existence this fall, but the kick in the shin is the potential addition of the fan-favorite Spider-Gwen that was going to be released within the next 12 months.


Spider-Gwen came swinging full force out of the Spider-Verse story arc and comes from an alternate reality where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider and not Peter Parker.  She joins an all girl punk band called The Mary-Jane’s and ends up fighting off evil without her father (still a detective) never knowing.  Peter becomes jealous and turns himself into The Lizard and is killed during the battle with Spider-Gwen.  Riddled with guilt, Gwen promises to use her powers for good and the rest is history…

Other details have emerged over the past few months as there were rumblings of a Disney Infinity 4.0 that would have gotten rid of all the campaign restrictions in the current iterations of the game (so in other words you could have had Stitch and Rocket Raccoon fight against Kylo Ren and Darth Maul).  There were also rumblings of 12-inch premium figures of Jack Skellington, The Hulk and more that would have different power sets from their original standard sized selves.

Sadly, as of right now these additions and changes will never come to pass, unless a competitor picks up the rights and starts progress on a better experience without the restrictions (I’m looking at you Activision.)

Do you think Spider-Gwen and Doctor Strange are enough to save the franchise or are we better off not having to deal with more Toys to Life games?

Booster Greg

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Booster Greg