There isn’t much that can be said about Spider-Gwen that can’t be said about her Earth 616 counterpart Spider-Man.  They both got bit by a radioactive spider, they both have suffered loss in their lives, and the city of New York hates them!  In case you missed it, Spider-Gwen is taking the comic book world by storm, with variant covers of her first appearance going for more than one hundred dollars on eBay right now.

I understand you probably don’t have the time to read all of the Spider-verse tie ins and preludes, but you still want to stay relevant with this hot new character.  So I did it for you, over the past two days I did nothing but read the entire Spider-Verse event and even threw in Spider-Gwen issue number one for good measure, and here is what I learned from it…


On Earth 65, Gwen Stacy is the drummer for the Mary Janes (I’ll give you two guesses who the front woman is for the band, but you’ll only need one) who went to a demonstration in radiology and got bit by a radioactive spider instead of her Peter Parker.  Just like Peter, Gwen initially used her powers for fame, being featured as a drummer for a big band on TV.  Gwen takes the stereotypical route when Peter Parker gets picked on, ordering the bullies to leave Parker alone.  In doing so, Gwen inadvertently makes things worse for Peter, which ultimately causes Pete to turn to science in order to no longer be “Pathetic Parker”.  Peter becomes the Lizard of Earth 65 and fights Gwen to his death, his dying words being “I just wanted to be special, like you”.

The misinformed J Jonah Jameson immediately focuses his volume, rage and terrible haircut at Spider-Woman (what Gwen is actually called in her universe) and convinces the public that she killed an innocent high school student, thus branding her a Super Villain.  It’s important to note that there isn’t really any mention of whether Gwen and Peter had any romantic relationship, but she definitely blames herself for not being able to save Peter and has on of those “emo roof sitting scenes” where she apologizes to the wind.


There are a lot of similarities between the two universes which I would like to point out ,Gwen has the same powers as 616 Peter, wall climbing, web slinging, spider like agility and strength and even spider sense.   She has also developed a reputation of being unreliable and late, due to her having to run off and save the day every once in awhile.  Her father is also still a cop who leads the Taskforce in hunting down Spider-Woman until it is revealed that Gwen is the vigilante right before she is taken into the Spider-verse event.


I could go into more detail about Gwen in the large event, but she honestly wasn’t featured that prominently and nothing of significant lasting value happened to her during this event, other than the whole stereotypical “I saved the multiverse and this is the thanks I get” banter in her first issue.

Upon her return, Gwen finds herself taking the blame for the activities of a new villain, The Vulture, who had injured a local cop (who’s last name in Grimm, hint hint).  It is shortly after this that Captain Stacy finds himself replaced on the Taskforce by a more disturbed individual (who’s last name is Castle, hint hint). It is also interesting to note that Matt Murdock is the Kingpin of Earth 65, almost forgot about that… phew…

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