Hello, Elise here! Sorry for the delay in K-pop articles. Things haven’t been too hectic right now. Waiting on some comebacks happen.

So… I will be reviewing a metal band instead. They’re a local band called Crossing Rubicon. I’ve written about them before, just stating what they’re about. I went to see them live last night (9/26/15) at the Main street Tavern in Stratford CT. They were one of the bands playing that night, the other bands were Sinaro and One Part Human. Crossing Rubicon has a full-length album coming out titled No Less Than Everything, so be sure to look out for the release and buy their CD!

The bar was an absolute dive, but the show was excellent. For a bar that had no cover charge and drinks for $5, that’s expected. The place literally is a hole in the wall and it’s about the size of a basement apartment; It has a tiny little dance floor area in the corner and that was the band’s stage.The clientele of the establishment was a very mixed bag. There were loyal local fans, there were new metal heads there, and there were people who were just there who weren’t even interested in the show. My request is for the band nights, the pool tables should be off limits. There’s literally no room for people to stand there and watch the band as it is… And yet people were trying to play pool and kept bumping into people with pool sticks. Not to mention the creepy dudes stalking on the young girls (aka my two female friends and I) who wouldn’t go away. So the location is not so good; I grew up in Stratford and that place was a few bars back in the day. So it wasn’t the best place for Crossing Rubicon to showcase themselves, but they still got lots of love and rocked our worlds.

Let me introduce the band, for those who don’t know Crossing Rubicon or of their many lineup changes: Scotty Anarchy’s inspiring and entrancing vocals kept people listening.
Brandi Hood was not only a fantastic drummer with lots of skill and passion and vocal talent, she was also the sound technician for the night (due to some circumstances). Zach Lambert was rocking on guitar and vocals; He may have the shortest hair in the band, but he’s not short in talent! Steven Riccio also rocked on guitar and vocals with his hair glistening in the dim stage lights. And the newer edition to Crossing Rubicon is Jeanne Sagan, the former All That Remains bassist (Who’s also Scotty’s fiance); She may appear all cute and tiny and you may not even notice her in the bar at first, but her stage presence and bass guitar skill will knock you out of the park.

Now as for the show… Crossing Rubicon went on first (this time). They rocked out and everyone was having a great time. Scotty is very interactive with the audience and people love that. He has a lot of stage presence, he tells jokes, and he pokes fun at people. He kept asking the crowd if they were having a good time. Everyone was welcomed into the church of metal (where you can be whoever or whatever you want), and made jokes about standing around and not having fun. There were many guitar solos by Steven and Zach that blew everyone away; Man they can shred! Brandi’s stylistic drumming kept the music going strong. One negative is in such small places, the bass often gets played over. So Jeanne was definitely rocking out, it’s just at some times she got played over. Overall, the balance was great otherwise and everyone sounded great.

It’s funny since I’ve seen the band live before; I even personally know their guitarist, Steven. However, I never got to really speak with them personally. That changed last night. My sister and her boyfriend went along to the concert. One of the co-founders of this site, David, is a photographer. He took photos of their performance and I was going to tell Steven I got photos of them. But David went up to them and asked them for some photos. David told them about the website and about our geek content. Turns out Scotty and Jeanne are total geeks too! There was bonding over Sta Wars, comic books, and superheroes. There’s also mutual interest in raising money for autism since they’ve participated in similar events. In the words of Scotty, “Metal heads are nerds”.

So after that, we talked about possibly doing some stuff together in the future. There’s a possibility in the future Crossing Rubicon action figures. Maybe a 3D printer will be on Scotty and Jeanne’s wedding registry? There’s also a comic book origin story in the works. The story has been written down, but the comic book aspect is still in the works. So if there is a podcast with Crossing Rubicon on here, or somewhere else, please listen on. Please buy their CD and look them up on YouTube. Feel free to tell them BadCoyoteFunky sent you there (#freepublicity).
Before you go, be sure to add the band on their social media outlets.
https://www.facebook.com/CrossingRubiconRocks http://www.crossingrubiconband.com/ https://instagram.com/crossingrubiconofficial https://twitter.com/rubiconct

Please and thank you.

And remember, no hickeys!

xoxo, Elise

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