Actor Dante Basco has launched a Kickstarter campaign to make an origin story about Rufio, the character he played in the 1992 Steven Spielberg movie Hook. The leader of the Lost Boys had a life before he came to Neverland, and before he meet the Pan. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve watched Hook on vhs (wore it out!), and i’m excited to see that Dante Basco still has a love for the character that made him an international icon. The movie is being directed by Hook fan Jonah Feingold whose directed and written packages for Buzzfeed and CNN.

This Kickstarter’s goal is to fund the production of this short film, pay the actors and crew who will make this magical warlock come to life, and give long time fans the most unexpected story they never knew they wanted until now. In the funding video Basco teases that their maybe a shot at a full length film if they break above their target goal. There are different benefits to each donation amount like “Lookie Lookie I Got Hookie” which earns you a seat during production, hangout with the cast and crew, executive producer credit and more (all for $10K), or “Rufios Army” in which you will receive a personalized thank you letter from Dante and the film making team.

I personally believe in this project and will do my part to see Bangarang through to production. Hook will always be one of my favorite childhood cinematic adventures that only Steven Spielberg could have directed, Dante Basco, Robin Willaims and Julia Roberts could have starred in, and John Williams could have scored.

If you’re interested click here to check out the Kickstarter

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