On August 12, 2014 Kojima Productions, under the Konami umbrella, released a game called P.T.. This was arguably one of the most engaging horror games of the last few years, and all it was intended to be was a tech demo for a new Silent Hill game. Silent Hills was to be a collaboration project with practical effects and Kaiju enthusiast director Guillermo Del Toro, Daryl Dixon (well his real name is Norman Reedus, but he’ll always be that crossbow toting, motorcycle riding, shower needing, vest wearer from the Walking Dead), and visionary game designer Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania). Most of you know what followed soon after: Hideo Kojimas split with Konami, Guillermo Del Toro getting pissed on twitter, and Kojima Productions announcement trailer for this batshit crazy looking game, Death Stranding at E3 earlier this year featuring a naked Norman Reedus holding a baby. 3079376-deathstranding_screen_ps4_005_1465877395

More recently at the Game Awards, we got to see a second trailer for Death Stranding featuring a motion-captured Guillermo Del Toro and Mads Mikkelson, most recently from Dr. Strange. This new trailer also looks hella silky smooth with updated visuals, new characters, and some new scenery from the Death Stranding world. While we still have very little idea of what the game is actually about, what we have seen so far has provided as much intrigue and wonder as the real life story surrounding the creation of the game.

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IGN has released a video following Kojima Productions journey between the E3 announcement and the Game Awards footage. We see Hideo Kojima and Mark Cerny (PS4’s tech lead) shopping around some PS4 blockbuster game studios looking for a powerful new game engine to host the new IP. The duo land at Guerrilla Games, creators of the much anticipated techno dinosaur hunting game Horizon: Zero Dawn, and best known for the Killzone franchise.

Managing Guerilla Games director Hermen Hulst and Hideo Kojima talk about their ongoing partnership and challenges in developing their upcoming titles in tandem. Both developers express their concern about overlapping features. I for one, think that both games have wildly different aesthetics and atmosphere. Horizon: Zero Dawn has a beautiful, bright, hopeful, colorful, atmosphere. Death Stranding is dark, dreary, despairing, and other descriptive “D” words (Daryl Dixon-y). With vastly different tones, I’m excited to see two very different, awesome looking games come out of this relationship.

Check out the video outlining the upcoming partnership and how collaboration between studios can lead to some fantastic gaming.



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