The man behind the Halo series iconic soundtrack has done it again! Martin O’Donnell’s latest and last masterpiece for Bungie has kept us on the edge of our seats as we taken down hordes of enemies on Mars, the Moon, Venus, and in the fires of The Crucible. For those who are not in the know, Destiny is a FPSMMORPG, First Person Shooter Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game (yeah, that title!).

destiny-classesIn the game you play as a Guardian, a beacon of light in the galaxy who must stand up against an unknown darkness that threatens to extinguish the flicking flame of the now dormant “Traveler”, a sentient being who has sent helped humanity leap forward in his evolution to dominate the universe.


We are in love with this soundtrack, from the opening titles, the bombastic horns as you fight off your last wave of enemies in a Vanguard Strike, and the somber velvety strings of the Orbit party screen. Credit to Martin O’Donnell, co-written by Michael Salvatori and C. Paul Johnson, Paul McCartney.

The Destiny Original Soundtrack is available for digital download.


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