Hello once again audience, Xur, Destiny’s Santa Claus  is back again this weekend for all the good little Guardian girls and boys. Claim your Exotic gear Guardian!

Blast off to The Vestian Outpost in The Reef (the new tower) and find him in a dark corridor down the ramp.

Strange Coin can be earned by completing the Weekly Heroic Strike with all three of your characters (if you have made three of them) and on all three difficulties. Once you select the weekly strike you can change its difficulty and the rewards for each nets you more Strange Coin and XP.

In the latest patch Xur now sells Exotic Shards, these are used to upgrade your Exotic Armor & Weapons to the maximum so buy them up if you have strange coin saved up. Legendary Armor and Weapons still use ascendant energy and shards.

You can also find Strange Coin by random, complete Crucible matches (PVP), Vanguard Strikes, and even during Public Events. The Important thing to remember is that you should play the game in a way that is most enjoyable for you.

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