Something that’s gone under the radar at E3, due to lack of press conference coverage is Friday the 13th. I’m a huge horror fan, and I’ve been sinking tons of time in Dead by Daylight, especially with it’s release date tomorrow on the 14th, but there’s something different about Friday the 13th.

We see something more unique immediately from the perspective of Jason; sounds are emitted by players who sprint, and Jason has a unique “teleport” feature right off the bat. It almost seems unfair, as in a short moment after he curb stomps an innocent, unsuspecting teenager into a rock.

Gif of one of many brutal executions in Friday the 13th.

Gif of one of many brutal executions in Friday the 13th.

We also see some of Jason’s “infrared” vision while he searches a house. This is interesting as it’ll help you decide if you actually have to enter a location or not. Something else to note for Friday the 13th, at least in comparison to Dead by Daylight, is it’s incredibly brutal. We’re talking face stomps, head bashing, stabbing through mattresses, the only thing missing is someone getting folded in half a la Freddy vs. Jason (2003).

Also something different is how large the map feels in comparison. This is obviously why Jason’s teleport feature comes into play, as he does not appear to have a sprint of any kind. This sort of encompasses the feel of a horror movie, where no matter how long or how far you run, you’re eventually going to get caught.

Example of Friday the 13th's map,.

Example of Friday the 13th’s map,.

Something interesting that seemed to be sort of a twist in comparison to Dead by Daylight, is a way of “tricking” Jason. While you have the sound emitter that he can use to track you across the way, you can actually use different noise making techniques to ward him off of your path. I.E. in the trailer, a radio is used, and a window is left open in hopes of making him think that the person has already escaped the hovel Jason has entered. It makes you think more in the context of a fight-or-flight scenario, considering there’s no “fight” option available for the survivors.

All in all, this will appear to all slasher fans alike, as well as horror fans. My verdict is to keep this game in mind moving forward. It’s got great potential, and Dead by Daylight has already proven that you can have a ton of fun with this type of game genre.

If you’re interested in Friday the 13th, you can see the game trailer below, and it’ll be released in Fall 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can also see some additional concept art for the game.