On March 22nd, 2016 the first of several announced add-ons for Bethseda Softworks’ FALLOUT 4 arrived. And AUTOMATRON is certainly is a sight to behold. Just look at that teaser presentation gave us prior to release:

Automatron has a berth of new things and features well worth the price of admission… or complementary with the one-time fee of the glorious Season Pass. Just remember… your Sole Survivor has to be at least level 15 to enjoy (which is no problem, if you’ve dumped 270+ hours into it, like yours truly). New stuff includes:

  • One new questline featuring the nefarious Mechanist, a familiar figure from Fallout 3.
  • The scariest patchwork robots I might have ever seen in a video game
  • One new permanent companion
  • Five unique weapons
  • One new type of mix-and-match limb armor
  • Three legendary Power Armor pieces
  • One new named enemy faction
    • That can be used as settlement NPCs and wasteland companions!
    • And even includes the ability to completely overhaul everyone’s favorite Mr. Handy butler, Codsworth!
    • And is almost certainly the best part about the whole DLC!

I’ve already run through the main major questline, and it is everything I expected and MORE! Come for the cool sci-fi story, stay for the non-stop DIY robot customization. Until you run out of those resources you’ve hoarded your entire playthrough.

Of course, you have to own FALLOUT 4 before you dive in, but the AUTOMATRON add-on is currently on sale for only $9.99 on Steam, Playstation Network, and Xbox Marketplace. Or you could set yourself up going forward with the cushy SEASON PASS for 49.99 and guaranteed access to future add-on content, like WASTELAND WORKSHOP this April and FAR HARBOR in May.


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TV's Casey Stroz
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