No doubly you are taking a break from the incredible time vampire that is Fallout 4 due to the fact that you have to work, study for an exam, or you’re currently on the “throne” browsing the web until you finish (the best thinking is done on the throne). A Redditor by the name of ‘The_Mighty_Tspoon 1‘ has created an interactive map for all players looking for loot, settlements, bobble heads, and other locations.

The interactive map seems to be based off an ingenious moderation to Google Maps, and it would appear that the creator is adding more to the map as time goes on. Thank you sir. In the options you can search for specific items like, fusion cores, or a specific bobble head; type “Luck” and the map will dynamically move to the location and block out the unwanted markers. BRILLIANT!

Click here to go to the Fallout 4 Interactive Map created by Reddit user The_Mighty_Tspoon_1

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