fast & furious 7 crew

Just when you think this movie franchise couldn’t get any more insane, they turn up the throttle, pop the clutch [insert other car things]! Have you seen the latest trailer for the new Fast & Furious 7 movie? Well here it is! Now, most people haven’t enjoyed  the antics of Toretto and his crew, but you can’t deny that the movies have style, and the direction taken since Fast Five has made these characters more into cinematic heroes than street racing misfits.

If you are an action movie junkie, auto enthusiast, or all around movie goer, that trailer has peaked your interest….or did it? Let us know in the comments below. Was this enough to get you interested in the movie, or do you need to see more?

Fast & Furious 7 guys
Paul Walker in his last role as a hero, Jason Statham as the main villain (AWESOME), and mother truckin Kurt Russell as a shadowy government figure connected to Vin Diesel’s character (Kurt Russell stated in an interview).

Fast & Furious 7 Tony Jaa

WOAH they got TONY JAA!?! If you haven’t seen ONG BAK, then you are missing out on a great martial arts movie!

fast & furious 7 car

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