Square Enix has graciously release a 50 minute gameplay video of their latest title Final Fantasy 15 at Gamescom Germany for all to see. The gameplay video showcases why Square Enix is such a highly revered development house as we see sprawling lush landscapes, incredible monster and character design, details to hair, fur, clothes, weapons and battle tech.

Just like other Final Fantasy games, you don’t need to have played the previous versions to be immersed in this versions story and characters. If you are a fan of RPGs that allow you to battle giant mythical creatures, collect and craft items for battle, and a free flowing combat system that lets you target different enemies at will and unleash an unholy amount of damage, then you might like Final Fantasy 15. Don’t take our word for it, watch or skim through the gameplay to see for yourself.

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Worldwide release on November 29, 2016 for PS4 & Xbox One

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