Gamers have long waited the announcement for Nintendo’s next console to combat both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, although some may argue that Nintendo is in a league all of its own and doesn’t need to compete with both Microsoft and Sony in the battle arena of gaming consoles, many more believe that a tremendous update to the core system and games are needed in order for Nintendo to stay a lovable household name for future generations to come (not just for those of us who member berry the old school games).


Enter Nintendo NX or as it is officially called now the “Nintendo Switch”, is it me or do the code names for Nintendo’s console projects sound more appealing than the official names, the Nintendo Wii was the “Nintendo Revolution”, and now the NX is the “Switch” (whom ever is in charge over at Nintendo marketing, is working backwards). In the trailer we can see what Japanese marketers see as a typical American day, traveling across the country, playing basketball in gutters under highways, having hipster rooftop parties in the city, and road tripping in your friends old school 1960s Scooby Doo Van, Jinkies!

For those who cannot watch a trailer at work, check out the screenshots below!

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