The content directors at FOX must be working over time. This week they have released trailers for new shows to add to what looks to be almost entirely new Fall 2017 programing line-up. Lets break them down.

1. The Gifted

From X-Men director Bryan Singer and Burn Notice writer Matt Nix comes yet another FOX adaptation of the X-Men franchise. The Gifted looks like it follows a high school age sibling pair as they discover they have powers. The trailer outright mentions both the X-Men and the Brotherhood, which indicates a stronger tie to the movie counterparts than Singers last project, FX’s Legion. The trailer also features other Burn Notice alumni Coby Bell as Jace Turner.

2. The Orville

FOX’s love affair with Seth MacFarlane (Family Guys, Ted) continues with Star Trek parody series the Orville. This Galaxy Quest knock off series stars Seth MacFarlane as wise cracking captain Ed Mercer. It’s also an oddly timed release considering Star Trek: Discovery is also slated to premiere this Fall on CBS. I cannot stress enough how much this looks like Galaxy Quest.

3. Ghosted

Everybody loves Craig Robinson! Especially in these clips. And who doesn’t dig Adam Scotts awkward nerdy guy shtick. Match made in heaven? Meh. Scott plays a man whose wife has been abducted by aliens and teams up with Robinson who is an LAPD officer. The duo investigate the paranormal around Los Angelus. Ghostbuster/X-Files style hi-jinx ensue.

4. LA>Vegas

Following the success of Anchorman and Snakes on a Plane comes “Anchorman on a Plane”. At least thats how it’s being marketed considering that Gary Sanchez Productions (Will Ferrell and Adam McKay) is the production team behind the show. Leading the ensemble cast is American Horror Story’s Dylan McDermott as Captain Dave, the alcoholic pilot. Also featuring Peter Stormare (from pretty much everything. Armageddon, Constantine, Fargo, etc..) playing the inappropriate passenger named Artem.

5. The Resident

Oh sweet! Yet another medical drama. The Resident follows doctors (SPOILERS) struggling to save lives inside a hospital. Matt Czuchry (Gilmore Girls) is the star, unconventional, medical-genius doctor Conrad Hawkins. Emily VanCamp (Everwood, Revenge) is… his love interest I guess. And Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek (2009)) is the sleazy old surgeon covering up his mistakes in the operating room. I swear to god, if someone says “the patient has lupus” I hope House shows up and cane-wrecks the doctor in the shin.

Now this is a lot of big names associated with what looks to be some equally big budgets. At the very least, it will be a very interesting Fall.


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