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So today G-Dragon got tons of backlash on Instagram today for a photo he posted. It wasn’t the least bit inappropriate. This is what he posted and removed:  g-dragon-molly This was worth all that hate? The name Molly in a heart? Everyone was accusing G-Dragon to have posted this as a reference to the drug Molly. In 2011 G-Dragon had to halt promotions due to testing positive for marijuana. G-Dragon claimed he thought it was just a regular cigarette and he didn’t know until after he smoked it. Hey things happen right? Well fans and anti-fans alike are thinking he has done drugs. He has made a drug reference or two in his music. In the “One of a kind” music video he made a snorting gesture, like he snorting cocaine. But, all rap videos contain some type of sex and drug references if not both! Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” is about having sex with your drug dealer and how he only likes girls with big butts, so G-Dragon’s snorting cocaine gesture was merely just a joke much like the entire video for “One of a kind”. G-Dragon is not on drugs guys, he’s clean honest. He’s much more reserved in real life than his outrageous stage performance personality and he’s really sweet! Leave G-Dragon alone, there’s no proof he did drugs! Maybe he just really likes the name Molly!
There’s another instagram related post today. Minzy of 2ne1 reached 1,000,000 followers on instagram. She is the last of the group to do so  but it’s still an honor. Congrats Minzy unnie! The Maknae of 2ne1 has gotten really pretty and more fashionable since her debut. Her posts are cute and whole-some. They are usually selfies, she and her puppy, and religious stuff. Minzy unnie is just so sweet, pretty and talented. Minzy fighting!

So SM has been in the k-pop hot seat for about a week now. Not only is Jessica out of Girls Generation, the following members won’t be attending the Japan SM Town concert: Sooyoung, Luhan and Sulli! Sure Sooyoung is shooting a drama, Luhan needs to rest and Sulli is still not doing any k-pop rleated things right now since her scandal. sure it don’t seem that bad since there are a lot of artists at that concert but still… It doesn’t look good! This news kind of sucks right? Well there’s some happy news. Onew is back in shinee. He has recovered from his vocal surgery and can now sing live again! Onew fighting!
So now let’s get back to the whole Jessica Girls Generation fiasco. Since the group has been reduced to eight members things are going to be so different and will take some getting used to. At the fan meetings in China that the eight remaining members performed at, they left Jessica’s parts unsung! I get that it was sudden but you don’t just leave a main vocal out! It’s up in the air if Jessica will ever be able to rejoin, but she probably wouldn’t out of pride. This raises the question, are they going to remain as eight or add another member? Sones are worried Girls Generation won’t recover from this. Their album sales and popularity could go down. It’s similar to what happened to The Wonder Girls and Kara when they had members depart or join. Heck when Zhou Mi and Henry joined Super Junior M there was so much hate! Back to the other two groups though… The Wonder Girls went through several line up changes, starting with Hyuna, Sunmi, and now Sunye and Sohee. Even though new recruits have been made, the Wonder Girls never stood up again like their past, and after Sunye’s pregnancy and Sohee’s career change, the future of Wonder Girls seems so bleak. Kara recently made a new start  after recruiting their new member Younggji. Similar to Wonder Girls, Kara also faced departure of two core members, Kang Jiyoung and Nicole Jung and Kim Sunghee  The remaining members and DSP Entertainment soon decided to recruit a new member through reality programmed audition, and eventually chose Youngji. Though the two groups are not as popular as they used to be, they are definitely trying new methods. Wonder Girls is now focusing on Solo performances of the members, with Sunmi and Yenny have become very successful solo artists. Kara is gaining positive responses with the recruit of their new member Youngji. Will Girls Generation still stand strong? Gosh I hope so! We’ll miss Jessica’s powerful vocals though!


On another Jessica note… It’s been speculated when Jessica got her fortune told at Saju fortune telling in “Jessica and Krystal” it was alluring to something big. In the clip, Jessica is told by a fortune teller that she is “smart and stubborn”. In the fortune, she is revealed to be someone who was born to be a celebrity, and her fate is one of “always being talked about” and having good Saju Fortune. That’s standard fortune teller stuff right? Well get this! The fortune teller also said “I think it would be best to live without taking the hate so personal. While you have hit your highest point [in her career], you still have not received great fortune. Things probably have been and will be difficult You will be more successful than now in 2015“. Whoa! Boy they were right! 2014 is in the year of the cheoseok (year ending in 4) so K-pop has been so unlucky this year! Maybe the 2015 success is referring to her fashion career? Must be right? I hope so for Jessica’s sake! SM has been so bad this year with all the scandals. I am still so upset about Exo! The new SM CEO is awful! Bring back our stars please, we miss you! T-T

And now the biggest story for today is about the former JYP singer Hanna aka Ryu Sookjin… She has commited suicide! To make matters worse… This happened in January! What?! How did we not know?! Hanna committed suicide in her home located in Gyeonggi province, and prior to her suicide, she was suffering from panic disorders. Hanna first appeared in Kang Sunghoon’s music video in 2002 under JYP, later appeared in various music videos including Rain’s 2nd album. She debuted as a vocalist in 2004 with her debut single “Bounce.” In 2011, she changed her career from vocalist to actress, participating in films such as “Money Case” and “Black Crayon. HOW DID WE NOT NOTICE THIS?! HOW DID US FANS NOT KNOW OUR HANNA WAS SUICIDAL? She was so talented, it’s such a shame! Guys, if you feel panicky or like you want to die, don’t try to kill yourself! Call the suicide hotline, call a friend or your mom, call a therapist… Don’t act upon it! Sadness and bad feelings are not worth taking your life! You are worth something because there is only one YOU! If you live in the US here’s a website with suicide hotlines attatched http://www.suicide.org/suicide-hotlines.html

Wow this post was heavy…
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