We’re blasting off to the Moon of Pandora next Wednesday, October 14th, for Gearbox’s next adventure in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! The Pre-Sequel takes us inside the origin story of Handsome Jack and his rise to power, taking place between Borderlands 1 & 2. Jack is in charge of Helios, he is not the Hyperion CEO that you know in Borderlands 2.


The game takes place on Pandora’s Moon and sports a new Low Gravity and Oxygen System.  With the oxygen system you can boost your character through platforming sections of the game, loot opened in the Moon’s atmosphere will shoot out of its container and into space, enemies hit with a fire element weapon will not catch on fire, and with low gravity, grenades will make enemies fly into orbit. Scattered around this playground are oxygen generators, once these are turned on you will be able to light  enemies on fire with your special weapon, grenades behave normally, and loot won’t fly off once you open a container.


Are you going to pick up Borderlands The Pre-Sequel? I mean why not? New characters to play  including the hilarious CLAPTRAP, a ton of randomly generated weapons, four play co-op with your buddies, and that classic Borderlands humor! Comment below, let us know.

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