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So let’s start with our dear oppa, heechul! You know, the one from Super Junior? The mischievous singer and dancer who loves anime and leauge of legends? And also closed his twitter and privatized his instagram due to haters? Yeah, him! Well more haters are coming out of the woodwork and harassing him on instagram again. He responded quite maturely and I’m so prouf of him, here’s what eh said: He started out by writing, “I was reading the comments and, haha… There were comments that were not good, or just ridiculous. This is why I don’t read comments.” “There are so many things that I want to say, but now that I have aged and should pretend that I have matured, I’m going to keep calm. Humans are strange. Let’s say that there are 100 people who are supporting me and there is just one person who hates, but it’s that one person that you especially pay attention to. Whether online or offline… I don’t know if it’s because I am greedy for everyone’s love, or whether it’s anger, I’m still confused. Knowing my personality, it’s probably closer to the latter.”

Heechul also wrote, “When I quit Twitter and started Instagram, I worried a lot because I made a lot of issues and controversies through SNS use… but then I just thought of it as ‘A place where I can play with the fans who like me.’ And that’s why I didn’t make any societal comments or comments that would cause any controversies like I did in my past minihompie and Twitter. As time passed, I just want to live smiling and believing that good things are just good.” Lastly, the idol addressed the haters leaving malicious comments in a mature way, stating, “Smile everyone. It might be fun and thrilling to badmouth others, but nothing’s better than smiling and trying to live joyously. Have a great New Year and make sure you put your seat belts on.” I’m proud of him, aren’t you? He has a classy way of dealing with haters.


Heechul oppa fighting!

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