We were sent a game! So, why not check it out? Lightseekers: Awakening is a trading card game (TCG) with an AR bend as well as an app and toy tie-in. That’s a lot to have going on, but I can appreciate when publishers can try to work across genres to integrate their IP. In this video what we are looking at specifically is the TCG.

Lightseekers has a fairly standard set up: 30 card deck, +1 hero card, HP counter that caps at 35, and a fairly standard turn order (start, buff, action, draw, end). Where the game stands out is a less aggressive multiplayer setup. Players in games of 3 or more people target the players to their left, and are the targets of the players to their right. There’s less chance of ganging up on newer or less experienced players, which is great for a game aimed at a younger audience. That being said there are a lot of mechanics within the game that can keep gamers of all ages interested.

What drew me into reviewing Lightseekers is the AR element. Being a fan of many card games growing up, I really wanted to see where this was going. There was a little voice in my head saying “YES! Live Yu-Gi-Oh!” While the AR component isn’t quite there yet, it does work well for scanning cards and displaying content. It was pretty cool to see my hero card displayed on my phone while sitting on the provided play mat. I was a little disappointed that using the AR feature requires downloading the entire game for Light Seekers which is a little over 1 GB. The whole point for the brand is that they are tying everything together, but I just wanted to use the camera which also took me a minute to find in the app. I also hope that if the TCG does well that the developer thinks about adding some animations to the AR component, like adding damage animations, a basic attack animation, etc. Something to really make the AR experience add to the totality of the game play experience.

In all this is a pretty fun card game and looks to be fairly inexpensive to get started with. Starter packs on Amazon are running $12-$22 right now. It is worth checking out as a standalone TCG and the AR is fun but could use some improvements to really be a part of the card game rather than a modifier for the digital game. You can also learn more about the Lightseekers: Awakening <–here.

Sean Weiland

Sean is game designer with a sorted past. Ask him where he's lived and he will give you more than 12 answers. Ask him what he does for a living and he might say "game designer" or he might say "I dance".Ask him about indie games and he will give you a dam honest opinion informed by over a decade of audio, design, and development experience.
Sean Weiland