As you may have noticed from the Munchkin Anniversary post, I love Steve Jackson Games. The games are great and the people working there are super nice. With that in mind, I went back to the booth to check out Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Simon’s Cats at GenCon16.

Bill and Ted is the more complex of the two games with layer of order of operations required of players to follow in order to retain historical figures they gather in time. Each person that you gain from a different point in time requires you to follow another specific move, in order, during your turn. Think of it as rules that you must follow in order to maintain the space-time continuum. Bad guys also follow you in time and can be directed to you by other players (to mess with your turn). A game that may seem like a simple jaunt through time can actually be a cutthroat struggle to finish a history report at San Dimas High.

The second game we have here is Simon’s Cat. A card game that references the popular blog/video series of the same name. Simon actually made the artwork for the game too. Simon’s Cat is similar to Uno except there is a cutthroat aspect that allows players to affect how the game works in order create a winning scenario for themselves.

There was a lot to see at this booth and we hope you enjoy the preview of these two new games.


Sean Weiland

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Sean Weiland