Happy New Year! To start off with 2016 I have been playing Hit Tank Pro. Created and published by Baq Stellan.

Hit Tank Pro is fast paced strategy game where you pilot a tank and try to take out enemy tanks by directly attacking them or bouncing your shots off of walls to take them out without being shot. Levels quickly progress with mobile enemies, enemies with more abilities, starting positions that are compromised, and map/obstacle layouts that force you to quickly think out new strategies.

Hit Tank Pro

Hit Tank contains 60 levels, so it has a decent amount of variety. As you grow accustomed to the top down 2D presentation you can quickly strategize how you might play a level as it loads. The difficulty progression between levels is managed well. The game certainly gets harder, but I didn’t have any point where I felt like there was an unreasonable amount of escalation in the challenges.  Hit Tank Pro does morph a bit over time. It starts out as a game where you can sit and think about how you are bouncing shots, and later levels with their faster more mobile enemies, become a bouncing bullet-hell where you just are trying not to get hit.

As far as indie titles go this is pretty solid. Hit Tank takes on one mechanic and works with it in different ways to provide a few hours of entertaining game play. The visuals and audio are not stunning, but they are effective. The alternate game modes are not really necessary. I played the modes and had to actually ask myself what was different and deduce why this was  a different mode from before. That was a little bit of a let down, but I think the developer was just trying to get a little more play out of the same mechanics.

The UI for this title is lacking. I wasn’t completely sure what I was doing in the menu. I didn’t know what the modes were, or the differences in settings. The battle recap screen had the same problem. The developer is French, so it could be that the localization help they had was poor. It doesn’t affect gameplay functionality, but it did reduce my understanding of what was going on.

Overall this game is worth the $2.99 price tag and 4-5 hours of entertainment it may bring (still cheaper than a movie). It’s missing some polish in the UI but it does what an indie should and works with iterations on one solid game mechanic.

If you’re like me and you just have to make things more interesting. Here’s some drinking game rules to go along with Hit Tank Pro.

Get killed by the enemy – 1 Drink
Get killed by your own ricochet – 2 Drinks
Shoot an enemy projectile – 2 Drinks
Drive into an enemy projectile – 3 Drinks
Drive into the same obstacle 2 or more times in a row – 2x Drinks (where x is the number of repeat offences)

Sean Weiland

Sean Weiland

Sean is game designer with a sorted past. Ask him where he's lived and he will give you more than 12 answers. Ask him what he does for a living and he might say "game designer" or he might say "I dance".Ask him about indie games and he will give you a dam honest opinion informed by over a decade of audio, design, and development experience.
Sean Weiland