This weekend I tried out “Paper Airplane goes to space!” by developer PapaCorps.  This is the first mobile game I have reviewed for the indie game review. Hooray’s all around! This Android title is fairly straight forward. You, the player, control a paper airplane in space. You might ask yourself how a paper airplane is supposed to work in an environment with no air. Momentum I say. Then you might as how in the 2D side-scrolling type game there is an up and down in space, and that a paper plane running only on momentum manages to go “up and down”. To that I say: you way over thought this. If your problem is a paper airplane in space then you’re not going to be able to cope with the other stuff you’re going to run into.

It has a smoke's a paper plane.....Just let it go man.

It has a smoke trail….it’s a paper plane…..Just let it go man.

The mechanics of the game are straight forward. “Flappy” style controls of taping and holding to go up, and lifting your finger off the screen to go down. The longer you don’t run into something, the higher your score goes. When it comes to running into things, those things change. They can be asteroids, scissors, balls from various sports, and…..let’s say…sci-fi inspired objects.  The latter object being truly surprising while futzing around with this game.

Each time you die another “mode” of the game comes along that helps break up the repetitiveness of a “flappy” game. The art style is a bit of a mix with nice 3D asteroids and a flat paper airplane shaped icon for yourself.

The music is a mix of somewhat ragtime inspired piano and spacy synthesizer. It is an odd juxtaposition, but in the frantic tapping and restarting it helps break up the quick reset. The explosion noise that plays hasn’t gotten old yet, so that’s also a plus.


Overall this is a fun iteration on a flappy-style game. It is certainly not easy, but won’t hold your attention over a long weekend. It’s something to do while sitting on something white and porcelain or waiting for your boss to get off of the phone. I will say I challenge anyone to beat my score posted below. While I haven’t managed to think of a drinking game for this like last week (at least one that won’t kill you), let me know if any of you do.

Also, while not intrusive, the in game ads kept advertising wang pills. I don’t know if I was pre-screened, but I feel like ad-tracker needs a re-calibration.

High Score

Go on, beat my high score.


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