First off, my apologies for being a little late with the indie game review this week. I had to bury some bodies….. Never the less I had a game picked out and this week I played a new horror game available on Desura: The Scarecrow Man, by Brother Bohemia Media. I’m also trying a different layout, so enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Here’s the dev’s quick description from the game page:

“Every man has an evil which dwells within him. Father Callahan met his the day he found the devil donning the guise of a scarecrow in his corn field. Just before Father Callahan died, alone and terrified, the devil hid an incantation in a chest in the attic of the Callahan house. You must find the incantation and send The Scarecrow Man back to hell!”


This game basically strikes me as a Slender Man type game. If you don’t read the game description in the store there is no way you know what is happening in the game. You get plopped in and you start moving. Then, you die/go to hell if the scarecrow man finds you. It’s pretty standard explore, get scared, die, repeat. There are some bugs in the game, but for $0.99 (for the next 4 days) You really can’t go wrong. I would rather buy a 99cent game like this every week then live with the physical and emotional regret of paying for what fast food does to me. Seriously though, this game does have some UI bugs, but if you paid $5-$20 to go to a haunted corn maze within the last few months, this is way cheaper and has more scares in it.

Game Play Style: It’s a first person exploratory horror game. Simple WASD controls. I was kinda bummed there was no run button, but it seems like the game was paced so not being able to run increased the suspense of it all.

Story: I’m not sure if I’m Father Callahan or if I’m just some poor sap that wound up in a corn field with a flash light, but I do know I have to stop the scarecrow from repeatedly bringing me to hell in some sort of f’d up version of Ground Hog Day.

Visual Style: Blocky? The visuals are somewhat raw and low poly, but everything is obviously what it is meant to be. The stairs in the house were just ramps, which was a little cheap, but Father Callahan could have been in a wheel chair, and now who looks like an a-hole? This guy.

Audio: This team did time their music stings for the fright factor very well. I knew when I was in danger and the visual surprises timed with the music and sound effects were well done enough jar me repeatedly. Also there is a creepy voice in the house….I can still here it.

The Good:

  • It gives a few frights.
  • Nice audio


The Bad:

  • Cursor woundn’t show up in the main menu, just had to move around until things lit up. Then you try to select play or quit, nothing else.
  • No story background present in the game.
  • The visuals could use some more polish.

*There is a 2.0 patch coming in the near future.


Sean Weiland

Sean Weiland

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Sean Weiland