This last weekend I had the pleasure, nay, I had “the experience” of going to MAG Fest. Netting just over 18,000 attendees this year, MAG Fest is the Music And Gaming Festival. This festival is or was for me a fully loaded trip packed with games and ridiculous live concerts. I highly recommend it.

Concerts are going on there constantly. There are large venues for bands to play for a couple hundred people and there are also mini stages at the ends of hall ways doing chip tunes concerts or nerd rap for groups of 50 or less. There were also random ensembles performing up and down almost every hall way at this convention centre. Even in dark little corners a boy and his mandolin find spots to perch and serenade 2-3 people at a time.

Photo Jan 25, 8 27 19 PM

A visual summary of MAG Fest 

The games! Lordy Loo! Class arcade cabinets, a friggin large room full of them. Classic to modern consoles (lots), I don’t know how many total. All I know is I put in some quality time with Crazy Taxi for the Dreamcast. And of course, the only reason I would be writing. there was an indie game section. I spent a number of hours there interviewing developers and talking about their games. Over the next week or so I will be posting those videos so you can check out and maybe even support some of these really cool games.

To start this off I present: Immune Defense (complete with questionable editing!)
Immune Defense, is a serious game that uses RTS gameplay to teach users about the body’s immune system and pathogens that threaten it. A note: This game’s kickstarter ended on the last Sunday of MAG Fest with about 60% funding. They will be starting an Indie GoGo campaing soon, so if you like it be sure to follow them!

Sean Weiland

Sean Weiland

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Sean Weiland