On March 17th The Defenders will be complete with the addition of Netflix’s new series, Iron Fist. The trailer first introduces us to Danny Rand who has returned to New York City to reclaim his families company and also defend it from potential bad guys. The trailer tells us Danny is the sole survivor of a plane crash and has been gone for many years studying Martial Arts somewhere in the East.

We learn he is very good at what he does and uses some kind of mystical art that eminates from his fist. In the trailer we see a few recognizable faces from previous Neflix shows, and a few new faces as well. We also saw a trademark of the Netflix Marvel shows which is a hallway fight scene. I personally know next to nothing about this character so I really have no expectations what so ever. So far every show on Netflix has been phenomenally good because of superb story telling and great acting, why would this be any different.

Anywho, that’s it for me guys. As always this is David The Bearded Menace Valle saying be easy and stay frosty out there.


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