Do you like Batman?

How about Dethklok?

How about dozens pop culture references?

Then you will love the return of Batmetal.


The original Batmetal debuted last July and was a favorite amongst the fans, the newest amalgamation is definitely not leaving fans wanting at all.  Then again, I’m always going to be a fan of anything with the Red Hood in it, and having Red Robin in there bashing Squidward only intensifies my love of this video.  If you missed the original, you can find that below as well!

Booster Greg

A cartoonist, 3D Game Artist, video game and comic book nerd.Boost has been known to speak in obscure pop culture references. Rumor has it his password is New England Clam Chowder, but nobody can ever remember if it was the red or the white.
Booster Greg