My sanctuary! Lots of news and updates coming out of the Square Enix camp this week, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  This week we have gotten news via an Amazon preorder page from Square Enix directly about the PS4 collection coming on March 28th, 2017. The collection is a collection of the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 editions that were released on the Playstation 3 over the past couple of years.  For those of you who have not played the PS3 re-releases the collection includes the following:

      • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
      • RE: Chain of Memories
      • 358/2 Days (HD Remastered cinematics)
      • Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
      • Birth by Sleep
      • Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

You can preorder the game today and with a $49.99 USD price point, it’s going to be hard to pass this one up.  This also gives me great hope that the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts III is getting closer to release…

Speaking of which! We were also treated to some new screenshots from Kingdom Hearts III showcasing Sora in a level that looks like Olympus from Disney’s Hercules and has him donning some different outfits, and for you Kingdom Hearts II fans means a new form for Sora!  You can check them out below!

KH3-Sneak-Peek_10-27-16_001 KH3-Sneak-Peek_10-27-16_002

What do you guys think? Is the newest installment closer to release or are we doomed with never seeing an actual advancement in the games series?


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