Hello everyone, welcome to the 2014 kpop wrap up. I made a pros and cons list of the entire year, note I didn’t put debut groups in the chart. I’ll list them separately. Well, let’s go!

Pros Cons
Jan 1st: Lee Seunggi and Yoona dating confirmed Feb 10th: Sohee leaves Wonder Girls
Jan 3rd: Jung Khyungho and Sooyoung confirmed dating April 5th: Nicole leaves Kara
March 5th: Kim Yuna and Kim Won Joong dating confirmed April 5th: JinYoung leaves Kara after her contract expiring
April 3rd: Tiffany and Nickhun confirmed dating April 16th: Sewol ferry sinks
April 11th: Shindong anf Kang Shinae confirm dating May 15th: Kris files lawsuit against SM and leaves EXO
May 8th: Ga In and Jinhoon confirmed dating June 30th: Park Bom under suspicion of smuggling drugs into Korea
June 12th: BumKey gets married to DJ Kang Dahye July 11th: Kang Jihwan caught in bed with a female online
June 18th: Taeyon and Baekhyun confirmed dating July 24th: Sulli announces hiatus from entertainment industry after assault rumors.
July 8th: g.o.d comes back after 12 years August 21st: Kim Hyun Joong gets assault charges pressed against him by girlfriend
July 12th: Tang Wei marries Kim Taeyong (director) Sept. 2nd: Lee Byung hun blackmailed by GLAM’s Dahee and Lee Jiyeon
July 29th: Minah and Son Heungmin confirm dating Sept 3rd: Ladies Code Eun B passes away at 22 due to car crash.
July 29th: Leetuk is released from the military. Sept. 7th: Ladies Code RiSe passes away after health fails from car crash.
August 18th: Sulli and Choiza confirmed dating Sept. 12th: Seungri involved in a car accident late at night, minor injuries but he hit someone and his car flipped over
August 22nd: KPOP ICEBUCKET CHALLENGES!!! ^^ ZE:A’s leader Lee Hoo declares war against his label, star empire
Sept. 1st: Son Hoyoung and Ami revealed dating Sept. 29th: Jessica leaves Girls Generation
Sept. 19th: Lee Soo marries Lyn. Oct. 5th: Cha Seung Won faces paternity lawsuit
Sept. 24th: Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun confirmed to be dating Oct. 7th: GD and Kiko Mizuhara dating rumors arise
Sept. 27th: Lee Yoonji gets married Oct. 10th: Luhan files lawsuit against SM, also leaves EXO.
Oct. 9th: Seo Taji comeback! Oct. 10th: SM stocks plummet under YG Entertainment
Oct. 23rd: Chae Rim marries Gao Zi Qi Oct. 12tH: Lee Joon and Thunder under suspicion of leaving MBLAQ
Nov. 3rd: MC Mong makes comeback after 5 years Oct. 13th: Exo Tao relationship rumors
Nov. 22nd: Lina marries Jang Seung Ho Oct. 15th: Minah and Song Heungmin break up revealed
Dec 1st: PSY breaks youtube counter withhhh Gangam style Oct. 17th: Fatal accident during 4minute concert kills 16 people
Dec 4th: Yoo Seung Ho is discharged from the millitary Oct. 28th: Shin Hae Chul passes away
Dec 13th: Sungmin marries Kim Sa Eun November 10th: Lovelyz Ji Soo misses debut due to rumors. Also has panic attack and is hospitalized.
Nov 19th: Kim Yuna and Kim Won Joong breakup revealed
Dec 1st: B.A.P files lawsuit against TS ENT
Dec 15th: Lee Joon and Thunder part ways with MBLQ
Dec. 22nd: Mithra reveals his girlfriend Kwon Da Hyun



Kpop Debut groups (There were much more, but I don’t know the groups personally):


Got7: Jan. 16th (They have a full album, 2 mini albums and a Japanese debut already!)

Akdong Musician April 7th (They have an album and 4 singles out. Not to mention the sub-unit of HiSunhyun too, with their song “I’m different”)

MAMAMOO: June 18th (have six singles out! no album though…)

Red Velvet: Aug. 4th (Released single “Happiness” and did a cover of “Be Natural” by S.E.S)

Winner: Nov. 5th (officially?) 1 studio album in korea, and 1 in japan of the same name

LOVELYZ: Nov. 17th (1 album and 1 single)


So… It’s been a heck of a year… So many good and bad things happened. A lot of bad things… But a lot of good too! I’m looking forward to iKon’s debut and CL’s US debut! Hopefully groups stay together now! The year of the chuseok (14) in Asian culture is deemed unlucky, and it could be why so much controversy was in 2014! And if SM could top mistreating people, and other K-pop companies *COUGH COUGH TS ENTERTAINMENT* That’d be great.


Thanks for reading! And remember, no hickies!

XOXO, Elise

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