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The news seems graver this week in K-pop. I came across a leaked video of Jessica Jung in the Catch me if you can music video. The original sounds completely different without her, as if she were never a member. So in this version, including Jessica, sounds very different. It sounds more like the old SNSD. they really sound different without her… I cried watching this… I’ll leave both videos side by side for comparison. My feels… It seems they re-filmed the entire thing so there was no trace of Jessica; they probably reworked the choreography too. The whole thing was filmed with her there… Which was a while back for sure! Back before November 2014! This explains why it must’ve taken so long. Song parts had to be assigned and rewritten. Jessica has a high range and her voice has a lot of presence, so her leaving took a big toll. Not to say the other members can’t do it without her, but she was certainly very present!

Speaking of Jung, you know Krystal Jung, Jessica’s sister? You know, the one in F(x) that just lost a group member? Yeah, her! It has been discovered she was supposed to have a solo with her sister, Jessica. There’s a whole album recorded! It probably won’t be distributed sadly… I mean, if you were SM would you still put it out? Not to say they can’t, Jessica is still under contract. I think it won’t be released out of bitterness… There’s also a whole second season of Jessica and Krystal that isn’t released! Which probably for the same bitterness, it probably won’t be released by SM. We can only pray for someone to buy the content and get permission to distribute it. Or a leak… At this point, either is fine to me.

Going back and reading all the interviews that Jessica had since her departure… She has never slammed SM. Remember she wrote her condolences, when the former CEO lost his wife? Even when she has said how she’s “become her own person” or “wants to design” she has yet to slam Girls Generation or SMENT. I applaud her maturity! She’s really become more mature since she left. She no longer has that little girl image. Heck she did a topless magazine shoot!

Jessica jessica top <—- Looking good Jessica!

I think SM really did just cut her out of the picture. And it’s so haunting if you think about it. One minute she was there, and then 6 months later she is gone without a trace. We miss you unnie, and we support whatever you do!

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