I’ve said for years now, “I would give my left leg and right arm for a live action Full Metal Alchemist movie!”; and now it’s time to pay the toll. Alright I confess, I have never wanted one, but we are all getting one in 2017!

 This morning we were given a thirty-second teaser of the live action adaptation of “Full Metal Alchemist”. This film will dive into the odd world of human transmutation, mass genocide, chimera, and hopefully scheming homunculi.fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood1

Manga fans can sigh in relief for now (rightfully so after Debacle Ball Evolution). Director Fumihiko Sori has vowed stick to the manga as close as humanly possible. While encompassing the entire story in one film.

This is the story of Edward and Alphonse Elric. Two teenage brothers who search for the Philosopher’s Stone. An item that will amplify their abilities in the Alchemic Arts, and hopefully aid them in restoring their bodies after a very regrettable decision. As they chase down this legendary stone, they discover the deep dark secrets of their government, and the force of undying, genocide plotting, semi-humans behind its corruption.

In this universe, the primary setting of FMA is in the fictional but very German influenced nation of Amestris. This will be very interesting and refreshing as Sori stated the cast will be entirely comprised of Japanese actors.

All we can truly deduce from this trailer is Hiromu Arakawa and Fumihiko Sori must’ve had their hands on a Philosophers Stone today because this trailer came out of nowhere!