Earlier today the world was treated to the final trailer release for the upcoming Wolverine movie simply titled Logan.  In this addition to the X-MEN film franchise, we get a much more solemn and subdued tone to everyone’s favorite mutant.  Giving up his violent ways, it would appear that Logan is now leading a life of solitude and no place to call home.  That is, until X-23 and Professor X join in on the fun.

The world isn’t quite as bleak as the original trailer made us think, the world hasn’t ended and money would appear to still be a thing, which might be disappointing for some fans, however the addition of X-23 (a.k.a Laura Kinney) does seem to ease that pain a bit.  Whether or not Laura is a clone of Wolverine or simply his daughter has yet to be revealed, but with the success of Deadpool and how close it kept to the comics, one can remain hopeful that she will be a clone, rather than a long lost whatever.  What is really interesting is the opening scene of this trailer has shades of Stranger Things own Eleven.

Another musing for you, what if Professor Xavier is dead? Being the one of the worlds most powerful telepaths, he would have the means to embed his mind into anyone’s, so why not Tyler Durden Wolverine? Or even worse, what if Logan’s actions led to the death of Xavier and countless mutants, and that’s what caused him to run off and become a vagabond? In his guilt, he sees his friend and has conversations with him and X-23 is his chance for redemption?  If you watch the trailers nobody else really takes to Charles Xavier except Logan, and Xaviers swears! The only explanation I can think of for something like that is he’s a part of Wolverine’s mind.

What do you guys think? Did this trailer solidify your excitement for Logan? Logan release on March 3rd of this year!

Booster Greg

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Booster Greg