Wolverine AKA Logan, is one of the more popular characters in the X-Men/Marvel franchise; he sure is my favorite. His character resonates with a lot of people and those who cosplay as him feel a certain kinship with the living weapon that is Logan. His overall story has been rocky in both the comics and films and many feel he has over saturated the film and comics universe. So far Logan has appeared in 2 solo films, all of the X-Men films and will now appear in what may be his last film called Logan. I say “maybe his last” because knowing Hollywood, they’ll find a way to bring him back.

The trailer it self is shot beautifully in my opinion. It shows the pain that is Logan’s existence and gives us a glimpse into the world where he seems to be the only surviving X-Man. The shots are gorgeous and the trailer is beautifully scored to Johnny Cash’s song  “Hurt.” My only concern is: X-Men Origins also had a really great trailer but the movie itself was horrible in every sense of the word. I did try my best to not like the trailer for Logan but I have to say it’s pretty cool.

Logan hits theaters March 3rd

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