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There are lots of rumors so far. One is that Jii soo from the rookie group Lovelyz has left the group, or is going to leave. The group is confirmed by Woolim Entertainment to have a comeback in March, but will Jii Soo be there? The only preview we have is of Bay Soul so it’s unsure as of right now.

bobby kim

Bobby Kim was in trouble for supposedly harassing a stewardess on a flight he was on. He has acknowledged he has done wrong and would like to apologize to the stewardess.According to the police investigation, when Bobby Kim boarded the plane on January 9 and was told that he could not change his seat from economy class to business class. He ordered wine in order to fall asleep, and after drinking six glasses of wine, Bobby Kim became intoxicated and started conversing with a nearby stewardess. He caused a loud ruckus for around 20 minutes. The police stated, “Bobby Kim acknowledges that he grabbed the stewardess’ arm, asked for her number, and wrapped his arm around her waist, and he wishes to apologize to the stewardess; he also stated that because he was intoxicated, he does not accurately remember the details.” The police say they will soon submit their opinion about prosecution without detention on Bobby Kim’s two charges of violating an aviation security act and of sexually harassing the stewardess.


In more controversy news… 4minute is back with their song crazy! And it is indeed crazy. Infact it stirred up some controversy. A korean blogger claimed that 4minute stole the EDM track Boss mode by Knife party and put 4minute’s song over it. The blogger contacted knife party and they followed through with accusing 4minute of plagiarism. Cube responded by saying they never even heard of the song and it hardly sounded similar. They said they might of heard it once on youtube but it doesn’t ring a bell. OOHHH SHOTS FIRED! This is just like that Derek Bullock Eyes Nose Lips thing… YOU CAN’T MESS WITH KPOP PEOPLE! I don’t know why a string of artists are claiming kpop artists stole their crappy tracks… Such attention seekers! 4minute fighting!


This ain’t even all of the news this week and it’s already trouble! Oh my!

And remember no hickies!

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