Welcome to this week in k-pop. I will be talking about the court mediation between Kris and Luhan. Let’s get started!

Now let’s get to the bigger story in this article. Luhan and Kris, the former EXO members. So both of them had court mediation recently. Both members and SM have failed to reach an agreement in court YET AGAIN! The mediation meetings were held on January 16th at the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho at 10:20AM KST, beginning with Luhan, while Kris took place at 11AM KST. Unfortunately, no agreement on any adjustments regarding the exclusive contracts could be met in their latest sessions. Lawyers representing the two popular idols (Hankyul) said, “Talks of adjustments broke down. Currently, we cannot reveal any details.” On the other hand, lawyers of SM Entertainment (bkl/Taepyung Yang) were reported to have left the courthouse in silence.

Kris was the first to file a contract nullification suit against SM Entertainment on May 15, 2014, and has been absent from EXO related activities since then, pursuing solo activities in China instead. In his lawsuit, he cites unfair monetary compensation and lack of artist management by the agency. Luhan also filed a contract nullification suit against the agency on November 10, 2014, citing discrimination between the EXO-K and EXO-M teams, as well as income distribution.

On the plus though… Luhan’s movie “Miss Granny” is really popular and he’s doing very well in china. And as for Kris, “somewhere only we know” will have international releases in many if not all theaters. The song he released this year on his birthday as a solo was also a big success. Kris is also confirmed to be acting in another Chinese film. So SM mistreated them, and they still have risen to the top. Though I will always miss them being in EXO, I’m glad they’re free from SM’s slavery contracts. To me there will always be 12 members. People have called them EXO deserters or users (used SM to get popular then leave). People are so mean! I’m glad Luhan oppa and Kris oppa are doing well for themselves! Oppas fighting!

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