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Marvel’s humorus “explanation” for the leaked teaser

After a mysterious leak of a low quality version of the latest teaser trailer of The Avengers, Marvel has released the actual high quality official big king kamehameha teaser trailer for the upcoming movie Avengers: Age of Ultron!

The movie is set to be released next May 2015 in the United States. We appreciated the nod to the Disney Marvel merger with the song from Pinocchio  eerily playing in the background of the trailer as Ultron himself says “There are no strings on me”.

Iron Man's Hulkbuster Armor

Iron Man’s Hulkbuster Armor

Potential spoiler alert here as they showed the armor Tony Stark built to battle the Incredible Hulk. Sometimes movie trailers show a bit too much information just to grab the audience.


Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch

sweet Magento’s kids are here

Aaron Taylor-Johnson will now play Quicksilver, the mutant with the power of super human speed and Elizabeth Olsen joins the cast as Scartlet Witch a mutant with various powers such as “reality warping” and chaos magic.


Ultron voice by James Spader

Ultron voiced by James Spader “There are no strings on me”

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