Marvel has named their plethora of movies to be released for the rest of the decade. Most anticipated, and expected is the Infinity Gauntlet Saga, which other than the Marvel Civil War was a very large part in Marvel Comics history. During Marvel’s press day, they released an announcement trailer of…you guessed it Avengers Infinity War Part I and Part II. At first glance the announcement looks more like a fan made trailer than actual trailer but it is in fact officially created and released by Marvel. The trailer shows snip bits of previous Marvel movies and audio from said movies all ending with, SPOILER ALERT, Thanos him self wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. But don’t tale my word for it, have a look for yourself!

Avengers Infinity War part I is set to released May 4th 2018 and part II set to release May 3rd 2019 just in time for my birthday. This is David The Bearded Menace Valle saying be easy and stay frosty.


David "The Bearded Menace" Valle

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