Everyone knows that if you want to broadcast your gameplay to an online audience, you plug your console or PC into Twitch.tv, but Microsoft is changing that with the acquisition of a live streaming service that you’ve probably never heard of, until now.

BEAM launched in January of 2016 and has now been picked up by Microsoft, they unveiled their master plan to take over the gaming-sphere via a press conference in which they spoke to their shareholders and other business people who don’t fully understand why people broadcast games, who watches them, and how this is in anyway lucrative to Microsoft…LUL


The service called BEAM is very similar to Twitch.tv in that you stream directly from your PC or Xbox console, but as you can see in the above picture, viewers can take part in back seat gaming by selecting a variety of “suggestions” to lend a hand to the player (as a broadcaster this is hell, absolute hell, nothing like your viewers yelling at you, but now its integrated into the broadcast….great). Windows 10 will soon receive an update that will allow Beam to be integrated into your PC in order for anyone to become a broadcaster. Beam promises a near lagless experience for broadcaster to viewer interaction and a customizable “suggestion” box area that you can edit depending on the game, or to exclude all together.

beam options

“Plus, since Beam technology is built right into Windows 10 and Xbox One, anyone on Xbox Live can become a game broadcaster without needing to download additional software. By building Beam technology right into Windows 10 and Xbox One, we’re making it easier than ever for anyone to be a game broadcaster by creating a seamless experience where users can both view and broadcast game streams in near real-time.” -Team Xbox


Hello corporate people, here is a presentation about gaming.

Windows 10 offers a quick integrated setup to go LIVE once you've launched your game

Windows 10 offers a quick integrated setup to go LIVE once you’ve launched your game

We’ll see how Beam stacks up to Twitch in the coming months as they slowly rollout the update and push their Xbox players to use their service. What do you think of Beam? Can Twitch.tv be toppled by the techno tyrant?

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