Now that we officially know “Supergirl” will be joining it’s sister shows on DC’s flagship network, the CW this fall, some new promos have surfaced. This comes after weeks of speculation that it would make the jump after the success of the Flash/Supergirl crossover “World’s Finest” back in March. Though CBS President Glenn Geller has gone on record saying they would have considered giving “Supergirl” a second season, traditionally the network shies away from sci-fi and appeals to an older demographic. Since the sci-fi heavy “Supergirl” excelled in drawing in a younger crowd, the CW makes for a much more fitting home.

Check out what the CW has in store for us in the three new promos!

The first promo features clips “Supergirl,” “Flash,” “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” Out of context, the clip from the crossover makes Supergirl appear ignorant of the other heroes existence instead of the Flash being outside of his home universe like in the episode.


The extended promo features much more footage of the aforementioned shows. It centers around the unity of the protagonists and is, no doubt, hinting at the upcoming four way crossover everyone is talking about.


Lastly is the full scene from “World’s Finest” when Flash and Supergirl first meet.

We have learned from past interviews that, even within company owned departments, it’s not easy to have crossovers.  Even Marvel would have to jump through hoops to have Daredevil appear the next Avengers film. That’s one reason why the Supergirl/Flash crossover was such a pleasant surprise. Now, with “Supergirl” joining the CW, less legal barriers exist preventing consistent interactions between different productions.

Are you all as excited as me to have Kara Zor-El meet up with the rest of the DCU? Let us know in the comments!

Check out “Supergirl” at 8PM Eastern every Monday night on the CW this fall.  
Source: The CW Television Network YouTube Chanel 

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