This game has been teasing us for the longest time, ever since we first heard about this “No Man’s Sky” and its system of randomly generated planets, stars, creatures and environments. As we get closer to its launch Hello Games has been steadily releasing more gameplay footage to entice us to think beyond what is conventionally possible in todays space shooters. For one you can seamlessly blast off from a planet to the stars, engage in space battles with an “Empire-like” organization known as The Sentinels.

“The Sentinels are a robotic force who seeks to keep each planet in a natural, undisturbed state. The more you fight back against the Sentinels, the higher your Wanted level, and the tougher they will become – from flying drones to quadrupedal machines, towering walkers and eventually dropships.” We get GTA wanted levels in this game? Did this game just become a Han Solo simulator?

“To help guide players through such a vast number of locations No Man’s Sky has an overarching goal of reaching the centre of the universe, where there are more bountiful resources and more challenging locations to discover. This, however, is just a guide, and players are free to explore the game however they like.”

Source: [No Man’s Sky]

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