Although controversial, the trailer for Ghost In The Shell boast many visuals similar to the original 1995 animated film. I say controversial, because of the blatantly obvious white washed cast. I’m not saying Scarlett Johansson, will do a bad job, but the character she is playing is named Major Motoko Kusanagi, clearly a Japanese name. The trailer shows “The Major” in many scenes that are ripped straight from the original Ghost In The Shell anime which I have to say look fantastic, but will it be enough to make this a good movie?

I’m not holding my breath for this one but I am curious to hear what you guys have to say. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below or on social media via our Facebook page, our Twitter @badcoyotefunky or to my Twitter directly @dabeardedmenace.

As always this is David The Bearded Menace saying be easy and stay frosty out there.


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