There’s a new genre making an appearance at PAX East 2016, hero based arena shooters. We already saw the likes of Overwatch, and more recently Battleborn in the past year or so; but now there’s a new title from former Gears of War figurehead Cliff Bleszinski, under a new company as well! Presenting: LawBreakers, by Boss Key Productions.

Approaching the LawBreakers booth at PAX, you can immediately tell the primary difference between Overwatch and LawBreakers. LawBreakers is the violent brooding stepchild of this genre

Jumping into this game as someone who hasn’t played Overwatch or anything of the like, it was incredibly enjoyable. You get to choose from 4 classes, each with different weapons and playstyles.

My own personal experience comes from the enforcer. The closest thing you get to a standard FPS class, equipped with a rifle, rocket launcher, and EMP grenade. Great things that came from this were easy accessibility to the character, and it felt like an even playing field for the most part against other classes like the Assassin.


Character select screen for LawBreakers, displaying the Enforcer class.

Also something to take from this is a bit of a different take on objective control. Maintaining the game from a team perspective is done by possession of a battery that spawns at a center location of the map, and is then brought to your personal base to be charged and brought up to 100%, which needs to be maintained for 20 seconds to earn a complete capture. The enemy also may do the same. First team to 2 captures, wins.

It makes for a thrill ride of emotions, like losing a battery to the enemy team that you charged originally to 99%, or fighting an entire team with nothing but a dream on your side.

All-in-all, this results in an experience I hadn’t had before, and thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re interested in playing LawBreakers yourself, you can sign up for the alpha on, or you can check out their booth at PAX East until Sunday.