Well true believers, that about does it for PAX East 2017 and our lovely lovely cosplayers that posed for us. It was a fun three days and we where at BadCoyoteFunky enjoyed every second of it but for now, we all have to go back to the real world and tell others of the adventures we had. Till the next con true believers, till the next con.

Make sure to check out Volumes 1, and Volumes 2 of the cosplay photos and until next time guys, be easy, and stay frost out there.


David "The Bearded Menace" Valle

Co-founder and staff photographer, David The Bearded Menace Valle was born in madness and is a lover of naps. He has a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and is a very skilled Designer, Illustrator and Photographer. It is said that in the coldest of nights his beard can be heard grazing in the wild.

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